The recent Ringwood Christmas Crime Night on 9th December was a very successful evening featuring 6 Ringwood authors and 7 Ringwood Crime books. As well as each author explaining why their books would make excellent Christmas presents, there was also fascinating wider discussion including our writers explaining why writers write crime books and why readers read crime books, including recent research on both topics. There was also discussion on both the different but fluid kinds of crime writing including True crime, Tartan Noir, IndoTartan Noir and Historical Crime, all well-represented by the seven books featured, but also why crime writing had overcome the snobbery against it and was now on the cutting edge of contemporary fiction.

For those of you who missed this fascinating discussion the good news is it can be accessed in full on the Ringwood Facebook page.

Ringwood Christmas Crime Special Offers:

Following on from the Ringwood Christmas Crime Event, Ringwood are happy to make available three Christmas Crime special offers involving all the books and authors from that event.

Offer One Buy Not The Deaths Imagined and get Not The Life Imagined half-price

Offer Two Buy two new Glasgow crime novels for the special price of £15

Murder At The Mela by Leela Soma starring Scotland’s first Asian police detective

Clutching At Straws by Charlie Sharkey, a very experienced Glasgow criminal lawyer

Offer Three Three true crime books for the special price of £22.50

Ruxton the first Modern Murder by Tom Wood (recently shortlisted for the Scottish Non-Fiction Book of the year), and Cuddies Strip by Rob McInroy (listed for the CWA Crime Daggers first crime novel in 2020) both cover actual murders from 1935

The Ten Percent by Simon McLean covers the police career of an undercover officer and provides fascinating glimpses into policing realities and dilemmas seldom discussed in public

These three Special Offers are available NOW from the Book Shop special offers page of the Ringwood website.