We are excited to announce that you can now buy Ringwood’s first ever audiobook, Ruxton:
the First Modern Murder
, straight from our very own website. Click here to read more about the author, Tom Wood, as well as the glowing reviews Ruxton has received and the process behind choosing the perfect narrator for the audiobook.

We are extremely proud of this audiobook and a great deal of hard work has gone into the
process to make it happen; not least from Tom Wood and our staff here at Ringwood, but
also from Publishing Scotland and Offbeat Studios.

If you are a lover of true crime or audiobooks then this is definitely something you do not
want to miss! In this thrilling retelling of a real investigation, Wood re-examines a double
murder case from the 1930’s, focusing on the ground-breaking work of Scottish forensic
scientists who utilised new skills and techniques to solve the case, thus making it, truly, the
first modern murder.

To buy the audiobook for £9.99 click here