Sorry not sorry for the pun.

Summer is in full swing, but do you really want to read books about people on holiday? Wouldn’t you rather bake in the sun and immerse yourself in the gritty world of true crime here in Scotland?

Grab your tea, Pimm’s, beer, whatever your beverage of choice is, and relax on your beach towel with our true crime picks!

Why not try Bodysnatcher? Soak in the heat with this chilling account of violence, secrecy, murder, in 1820s Edinburgh. Learn about the Burke and Hare murders from Nelly McDougal, one of their female accomplices, whose story is being told for the first time. This gripping read gives a voice to a woman whose perspective has never been heard.

You could also head to Lanarkshire and read George Barnsley’s The Lanarkshire Police Chronicles, a collection of true stories from the last 150 years. From his extensive research dive into a range of topics covering topics as diverse as wartime, murder, and food & drink. At the heart of the book, hear the full and moving accounts of the two Lanarkshire Policemen, Ross Hunt & George Taylor, who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving their community.

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