‘Time, like an eel, is slippery – especially

when you try to trace it back.’

About the Book

It is 1893: Yokohama is a melting pot of international influence and opportunity as well as Japan’s portal to the world. Its air hangs thick with an intoxicating miasma of loneliness and desire, but fails to mask the emerging stench of death.

When a young woman is found drowned in Yokohama Harbour under suspicious circumstances, downtrodden Korean eel salesboy Han compels the eccentric Glaswegian artist Archie Nith to seek the truth, though it requires more of them than just naïve integrity to paint a picture of what actually happened. 

Written from the perspectives of both Han and Nith, The Hotel Hokusai follows their twisting journey as it snakes all the way from Yokohama’s harbour to its red-light district, stopping along the way to meet two of the famous Glasgow Boys and pay respects to the Dragon King. Can they grasp reality when the truth is as slippery as a basket of eels?’

About the Author

T.Y. Garner is a Glasgow-based writer of fiction and poetry. His experience of living abroad in Japan, France, and Italy, as well as his work as a political journalist, has encouraged him to explore themes such as migration and acclimatisation in his writing. He also produces creative resources designed to support instructors teaching English to speakers of other languages.

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