About the Book

Glasgow’s Burning is the riveting account of every fire that has happened in the city from the 19th century to today – but it is also a testimony of Glaswegian resilience, of the many people that have fought for this city and the many lives that make it one of a kind.

Glasgow has witnessed a myriad of changes over its illustrious history. It has remodelled, reinvented and grown itself through its experiences, some of that because fire has wreaked havoc in its streets.

Vince McGlennan delivers a masterful but straightforward exploration of the city’s catalogue of blazes. He shows us how they have brought out the best in Glasgow’s people and led to the growth in firefighting provision and innovation in their techniques.

The book follows a calendar order, recounting every fire that has happened on every 1st of January in Glasgow, going through every day of the year until the 31st of December. With succinct paragraphs, catchy titles and up-to-date comparisons of the affected locations, Glasgow’s Burning makes Glasgow’s history accessible and entertaining to everyone.

About the Author

Vince McGlennan, a self-proclaimed Glasgowphile, was born in Glasgow’s East End. He later enrolled in Strathclyde University where he became student president, and throughout his life, he has lived all over Glasgow, collecting the stories of its people, its style, its politics and its places, all of which he regards with a mixture of affection, admiration and astonishment. Glaswegians are, he maintains, uniquely gifted in their ability to endure fortune’s vicissitudes and come up smiling. Previously, in writing a history of his local church, his emphasis was primarily on the daily doings of its parishioners who were, after all, its begetters and actors. This book reflects that attitude.

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