In the year of 1306, Scotland is in turmoil.

Robert the Bruce and the fighting Bishop Wishart’s plans for rebellion put the Scottish kingdom at risk, whilst the hostile kingdom of England seems more invincible than ever.

But Bishop Wishart has got a final card left to play: four brave Scottish knights set off in search of a mysterious ancient treasure that will bring Scotland to the centre of an international plot, changing both the kingdoms of Europe and the course of history once and for all.

In the first of eight novels, L.A. Kristiansen skilfully narrates an epic past filled with historical figures as you’ve never seen them before. Only History can reveal the fate of those whom the Dragon banner was Raised against.

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Title: Raise Dragon
Author: L.A. Kristiansen
Format: Paperback/eBook
Price: £9.99/£5.99
ISBN: 978-1-901514-76-6