Mark Gallacher’s anthology, Saved from the Fire, is perfect gift all dystopian and sci-fi lovers – grab it in paperback for £9.99 (plus P&P)!

Standing as a collection of stories set across a dystopian future, Saved from the Fire is an anthology for technology and our reliance on it as people. Told through different narrative threads connected by common experiences and events, this collection of tales takes the reader through the development of a future in which tech is both the saviour and the enemy.

Beginning with an account of a colonising expedition on the planet Mars, the reader is taken forward in time through a series of stories set from different perspectives, each detailing an aspect of life and survival, showing how society has advanced from the many recognisable aspects of our own present technology led world.

Saved from the Fire explores how knowledge as a commodity, and technology that has the ability to become aware of itself, can push society to the brink of both excellence and destruction.


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Title: Saved from the Fire
Author: Mark Gallacher
Format: Paperback/eBook
Price: £9.99 £7.50/£3.99
ISBN code: 978-1-901514-94-0

Editorial Reviews

“Gallacher shows flashes of descriptive brilliance, and he can often stir emotion, most notably when a character perishes in a moment of selflessness (Gallacher frequently uses our capacity for self-sacrifice as a welcome counterpoint to the darker themes). He can be clever, too—the passage in which the novel’s two parts finally intertwine is ingenious and moving.” – Finn Dempster, British Science Fiction Association

“… a colourful, detailed and fully realised future world that comes off the page at the reader.” – Tim Jeffreys, Dark Lane Books

“Mark Gallacher’s ‘Saved From The Fire’ can be a page turner in the best sense – where the reader knows more than the characters but not enough to always make the right assumption about what comes next. More than once, I had to turn back the page while thinking, “Oh no, did that just happen?” – Scot Noel, Publisher and Founder of DreamForge Magazine

“Full of contemporary themes like authoritarian governments, populism, book burning, censorship, climate change’s disastrous effects on the world.” – Sandy Jamieson, author of A Subtle Sadness

“This is an ambitious novel that shines in places, showing promise and obvious passion for the genre.” – Finn Dempster, British Science Fiction Association

Check out Finn Dempster’s full review on the British Science Fiction Association website here.