We are so excited to be part of this year’s Byres Road Book Festival! The festival, Once Upon a Time in the West End celebrates sharing stories. There are lots of exciting events running from the 21st to 24th September in the West End. All the events are free but ticketed, so make sure to book your place.

We will be running two events

Ringwood Books Advice and Q&A Session

Hear from Ringwood’s Chief Editor, Isobel Freeman, and ask questions about the writing and publishing process.

Ringwood Books True Crime Writing Event

Three Ringwood Publishing true crime authors, George Barnsley, Tom Wood, and Allan Nicol, who all share backgrounds of working in the criminal justice system itself, will be talking about their experiences putting pen to paper when it comes to crime literature.

You can register for tickets for these two events below. Head to the Byres Road Book Festival website for more information and to see all the other events happening that weekend.

More information about all Ringwood’s upcoming events can be found here.