Last Friday evening, we brought The Bone on the Beach back to the area that inspired it by holding an event at Thurso Library. We had a fantastic evening – with particular thanks to Fiona Mackenzie from the Strathnaver Clearances Museum for her insightful discussion with Fiona Gillan Kerr about the culture of the Highlands in light of its often tragic history, and intern Ashleigh Tucker for organising the event. We had a fantastic turnout and a great discussion with the audience.

Fiona Mackenzie and Fiona Gillan Kerr discussing Highlands’ history in the book.

Fiona Gillan Kerr and intern Ashleigh Tucker representing Ringwood up north.

The following Monday, we brought The Bone on the Beach to Edinburgh by holding an event at the beautiful independent bookshop Typewronger.

Typewronger Books.

For this event we were joined by Gaelic student Ailsa, who spoke to Fiona about the Gaelic and Highlands culture in the novel, particularly the oral storytelling, singing and ceilidh traditions. We had a fantastic evening of readings, Q&A’s, and discussion about history, dreams, folklore, ghosts, and sheep herding!

Ailsa and Fiona chatting about Highlands’ history and language.

Thank you to everyone who made it along. If you are in Edinburgh, swing by Typewronger to browse some fantastic books, and pick up your very own signed copy of The Bone on the Beach whilst you’re there!

Signed copies of The Bone on the Beach available in Typewronger!

Thank you everyone who has made it to our events so far! Each event for The Bone on the Beach has been made unique and so memorable by the different audiences, their interesting questions and nuanced discussion, which is, of course, part of why we at Ringwood love what we do. Books can prompt so much fruitful and interesting discussion, such as asking and answering questions about ourselves, our heritages and our cultures.

Missed The Bone on the Beach events and want to know more? Come along and join us at our last event with Fiona this year, our event at the beautiful Arlington Baths with Book Week Scotland on Tuesday 14th November. It really is not one to be missed! Grab your free place whilst you can by signing up here: