We’re coming into Autumn and the darker months, but that doesn’t stop us here at Ringwood. In the September newsletter, feast your eyes on events, launches and more!

Our podcast is coming back soon, get a sneak preview of Season 1 host, Rosie Watts, join new hosts Matilda and Jess, talk about what it’s like to host a podcast.

The big news this month was the launch of The Bone on the Beach by Fiona Gillan Kerr. We’re treating you all to several events across Scotland (check out the full list on our events page) as well as this month’s launch at NessBookFest.

Hear all about our two events at the Byres Road Book Festival as well as our ‘How to Write and Publish a Book’ event at Leith Library.

Great news for fans of Mark Gallacher, not can you hear a clip of him reading part of his short story, ‘Hartman Running’, he’ll be at Golden Hare Books at the launch of Postbox magazine.

Matilda Ecker shared her thoughts on the National Literacy Trust‘s 2023 results of their Annual Literary Survey, which reveals a steady decline in the number of kids in the UK aged 5-18 who enjoy reading for pleasure.

As well as the usual ‘Get to Know the Interns’ feature, we introduced you to one of our managers, Christine, in ‘Meeting the Managers’ and hear about her role at Ringwood.

Check it all out here.