Know someone who loves books about espionage, crime or Irish history, but not sure what to get them this Christmas? Look no further – they are bound to enjoy Brian McHugh’s gripping spy thriller The Practice Field. Get this exciting and original book for just £9.99 (plus P&P)!

About the book:

Set during the Second World War, The Practice Field follows Emily Fitzpatrick and Jack Patterson’s treacherous journey through Nazi-occupied Europe on a covert mission to provide intelligence on the German war effort. McHugh weaves together themes of secrecy, loyalty and deceit in this thrilling, fast-paced story.

Focusing on Irish espionage – an aspect of the War which is rarely talked about – The Practice Field offers a fresh historical perspective and challenges our preconceived ideas about Ireland’s neutrality during the conflict.

Written in McHugh’s typical witty style, The Practice Field certainly is difficult to put down.

About the author:

Brian McHugh is the author of two successful novels, Torn Edges (2012) and Between Two Bridges (2015), as well as a number of well-received short stories. His main interests are history, crime and espionage, and his writing draws upon his upbringing in Glasgow as well as his connections to Ireland and the United States.

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ISBN 978190-1514957