Ringwood’s first literary event in France was a success!

The medieval city of Rouen welcomed Ringwood author, L.A. Kristiansen, from the 6th to the 8th of February, with the interview (translated into French by an interpreter) on her novel ‘Raise Dragon’ taking place at Hôtel Littéraire Gustave Flaubert on the 7th.

Lynda (centre) answering questions about her novel, Raise Dragon.

After the interview, the audience – some of whom already came book-in-hand – had questions ranging from the use of violence in historical fiction, to how difficult it was to write about the Scottish Wars of Independence. They were particularly interested in the parts of ‘Raise Dragon’ that are set in Rouen, and wanted to know when the second book ‘Revenge of the Tyrants’ would be released (the answer: Spring 2024!).

One of the most loved responses was to a question about L.A. Kristiansen’s favourite character to write about: “King Philip IV because he is so deliciously devious.”

Everyone came away with smiles and with a solidified understanding of the kinship, marked by the Auld Alliance of 1295, between Scotland and France!

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